Metaphors and Paradoxes: A Poem


Metaphors and Paradoxes


She was thirteen when she became the artist of imagery, metaphors and Surrealism,
Her exercise books filled with irregular verbs and Vincent Van Gogh’s Impressionism. Continue reading “Metaphors and Paradoxes: A Poem”


The Epilogue of Wanderlust: A Poem

The Epilogue of Wanderlust


Wanderlust etched in the calcium of her bones,
Sprinkled like the dust of pixies in the carbon of her soul.
Searching for a pair of arms and a soft smile to call them her home,
On the streets whose names she can’t pronounce where directions are written in a foreign dialect, she rummaged and roam.
Rummaged and Roam.

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Daughters of History: A Poem

Daughters of History

They said,

History is overcrowded with women who were harmonies,

Cadencing with the delicacy of vulnerable melodies.

Your ancestors were crystal chandeliers and exquisite geodes,

Fragility dribbling from edges and nodes.


She camouflaged under the spiral of books,

Caging the brutality and inequality in the lines of a notebook.

She told, girls possess the cells of storm and bravery,

Undefined valour, immeasurable kindness was their geometry.

(Anne Frank)

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