You’re not Poetry: A Poem

You’re not Poetry

You do not crescendo with mesmerising rhymes and flamboyant words,
Your feelings are too enchanting to be squeezed into metaphors.
Your expressions are meaning to words that nobody learnt to define,
You’re not always motivating, sad, happy or benign.
You’re not poetry.

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Lessons from Fairy Tales: A Poem

Lessons from Fairy Tales

Since a young age, ambitions had been the disarray shadows of her heart,

Success was possible despite the conspiracies of stepmothers and witches with black arts.

The little girl could be anything she wanted to be.

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People you should Fear- Snippet 1

The people who have used a pen, a brush or a guitar instead of a trigger are the people you should fear because these people wear sweatshirts made of darkness and an overcoat made of strength.

Heaven is their worshipper. Hell, their fangirl. ~ Enigma- People you should fear

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