Skip the Small Talk: A Snippet

You don’t hear the magical murmurings of the ocean until you leave the shore. So, when you’re with her, skip the small talk

Tell her what the word ‘home’ means to you. Is it your mother’s lap that smells of apples and cinnamon. Is it somewhere amidst the mountain pines where Orion, the Hunter shimmers with pride? Describe the misty fantasies that you had when you watched Disney. What side of Earth compels you when you swirl a physical globe? She wants know about the first time when you experience the weight of hate on your shoulders and if that day still makes a shiver run down your spine.

Tell her about the insignificant things you do: Always choosing a tail during a toss, the doodles you make on the last page of your notebook. Have you ever witness the magic of a new-born life? She wants to know whether you jump in the muddles or purposely drench yourself in rain.

See, she wants to know the significance of your first name and what are your thoughts about it. Rant about the fight you had with your sister. Tell her why you respect your father. Do you ever cry when you have a bad, bad fight with your mother? Do silent tears roll down your cheeks in between some amazing movies?

She wants to know why 7 is your lucky number or why not? Tell her about the times when you’ve been unkind to people. Cry your heart out, tell her about your greatest heartache. Tell her the tales about the times when you lie awake in your bed, weaving stories or about the times when you cry yourself to sleep. Do you believe that you should spend your life by giving? Do you hate yourself sometimes? Do you love yourself enough?

She wants to skip ahead to your wonders, your passions, your religious beliefs, your hopes and your love.

She wants to dig deep into the crevices and nooks of your soul because seriously talking about ‘what’s up’ is ridiculously monotonous. ~ Enigma Skip the Small Talk


Copyright © 2016-2018 Enigma. All rights reserved.

11 thoughts on “Skip the Small Talk: A Snippet

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  1. Um, I try to be a total introvert and wake up from the inside out, yet, I think I must also be self sufficient to not hate myself or feel guilty, as as of this day now completed, I was dependent on my mother and father for food, and shelter.

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    1. You don’t need to feel guilty or hate yourself. It is alright if you aren’t independent. Your parents love you and you love them. Stop feeling guilty and realise that you reside in a place which is enveloped my love.

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