With Love from Your Soul: A Poem

With Love from Your Soul

Silent wishes of wrapping my arms around your existence,

Erasing your kerosene sodden, trauma laced reminiscence.

Hidden under the charcoal hallways in your mind,

Leaving behind, mosaics of joy and abstracts of sunshine.


I am your soul.

I care for you. I believe you.

You did nothing wrong. It was not your fault.

I love you.


Wishing to embrace you like a cocoon entwined with the threads of hope and trust,

And sparkle your dreams with sprinkles of fairy dust.

Yelling your nightmares into vanishes,

Cradle your insomnia to sleep with lullabies in unknown languages.


I am your soul.

I care for you. I believe you.

You did nothing wrong. It was not your fault.

I love you.


I want to stitch your heart with craft of witches and magical looms,

Desiring to wipe your tears, lifting your legs from the cold floor of the bathrooms.

I want to magic yourself alive again,

I will make you stop hating yourself in your thoughts, in your brain.


I am your soul.

I care for you. I believe you.

You did nothing wrong. It was not your fault.

I love you.


Please listen to my whispers,

Stop making homes inside the hearts of broken people,

Stop mending their roof which is still leaking with your emotions and tears.


Listen to this conjuring,

This silent whisper in the air,

The call to your arms, the beginning of storms for your transformation.

Let me fix your heart, repair the broken floorboards, paint your walls with yellows.

Let me make you believe in sorcery and electricity, once again.


Because I am your soul who bleeds when you cry.

Who cares when you smoke cigarettes and hope you’ll die of cancer.

Who believes that you’ll learn to love yourself.

I am your soul.

I am aΒ  hiraeth and your heart is my only home.

And I love you. ~Β Enigma



Copyright Β© 2016-2018 Enigma. All rights reserved.

31 thoughts on “With Love from Your Soul: A Poem

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    1. Our soul does love us. The silent whispers that soothes you when you’re crying in the night, the whispers which say “it’s alright”, “you can do it” “you’re strong” are your soul. We really need to love ourselves more. Thank you for such a lovely comment!
      Enigma πŸ™‚ ❀


    1. Ah M! Well, I just hope I don’t sing this because I’m just a professional bathroom singer. Thank you so much for your compliment! πŸ™‚ ❀
      Enigma ❀ πŸ™‚

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  1. Infact I even Esquire the pieces of benevolence in some little areas that add even more magic to this magical piece of art . Just as my Madame say ” Sorcery downright πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ”


  2. Because I love you work, I found myself re-reading some of the pieces I read a while back, but this time in depth. Even wrote notes lol are you ready? Here we go:

    Verse 1: The silent wishes spoke to me in a manner of easing the mind, easing the consciousness. Hopes of bringing joy to the holder (of the soul) and replacing depressing thoughts.

    The repetition of Verse 2, 4 and 6 speak volumes on one love language, which I adore – “Words of affirmation” – to remind the older that they are not lost, they are not forgotten, they are loved.

    Verse 3: Embrace you like a cocoon entwined with threads of hope and trust” makes me feel safe and secure. Another verse putting the holder’s mind at ease.

    Upon multiple reads, I feel the poem speaks on elements of self-hate, depression and suicide. The poem constantly re-assures (those willing to hear their soul) that despite feeling alone/unwanted, they still have something – their soul. And their soul is telling them it loves them very much.

    Verse 7: “Please listen to my whispers” – this verse sums up my personal experience reading this piece because it speaks to one of my past encounters. Ignoring red flags in an attempt to gain a sense of belonging, making excuses – “Mending their roof” – which has little to no foundation to secure my feelings and emotions in a healthy way. Doing the job for both sides, essentially.

    Verse 8: “Let me fix your heart, repair the broken floorboards” – I found the specificity of floorboards to be an interesting choice in imagery, perhaps alluding to our inner homes being “trampled on” by people?

    “Paint your walls with yellows” – I definitely know the choice in colour was a conscious one here. This is in consideration of its symbolism on Joy, positivity and optimism. Yet another re-assurance from a loving soul.

    Verse 9: not related but the use of “Hiraeth” made me wonder if you are have Welsh origins lol you don’t need to answer that.

    “Your heart is my only home” I love the consistent call-backs to the imagery of a home within. A home that may seem empty but has something valuable held within. Your soul.

    Your pieces age like fine wine my friend πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh my! This comment is unbelievable for me. I never imagined such an amazing and genuine feedback on any of my pieces. Your reflections on my piece is truly beautiful. It is a great honour for me that you enjoy reading my works. Thank you so so much.

      Keep writing!

      Enigma πŸ™‚

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