Holes in the Sky Jar: Prose Poetry

-> The shimmering holes in the jar of the sky are the tapestry of entangled neon fairy lights of the Universe. The most ancient of nursery rhymes ever warbled, the wonderment of the wild, the stars.

Stars, the holes in the jar of the sky poked by the space dust and countless unnamed, untamed vapors of the cosmos comfort me.


“Why?” You ask. Well, dear reader, here are my top two reasons and this is not a clickbait:



Stars bring comfort to me because they have traveled for light-years, more prehistoric than the preceding fossils of some bizarre creature in my bones.

They have traveled for billions of years when the concept of times was merely an illusion, a rumor spread like a wildfire by some number obsessed person high on weed. Anyway, they have traveled for billions of years and they stop.

Stop, right in front of my feet, and mold into a shadow so small, a documentation of my soul. These wonder holes, these celestial dreams shed a spotlight on me in my onyx-grey breathless times. 

tsundere like me cares too much about the spotlight but you never heard these words from my lips, dear reader. 



They are a wreck of a gorgeous reminiscence, an over-ripened too sweet yet rotten memory, mumbled in whispers by the dust of the Universe which taste like raspberries, presumably, murmur, “I am not alone.”

I am not alone. I am not alone. 


-> The pack of wolves. 

      A murder of crows.

     The herd of sheep.

     The flock of birds,

     The loneliness of humans. 

In these onyx-grey breathless times,  the tapestry of entangled neon lights of the Universe stay, It resides in the abode beneath my feet like an unloved, devoted slave.

The guardian angel sent by the celestial dreams stay. The tiny documentation of my soul stays. The Shadow stays. It cannot cuddle me or hug me tight but it stays. It cannot rock and lull my insomnia to sleep but it stays. 

It stays, dammit. The “one” in the loneliness of humans stays and sometimes that is enough. Nope, more than enough to comfort me. 


–> The stars and the shadows have made a blood pact to protect me however sometimes I cannot help but overthink if they will ever break it someday. After all, they are made of space dust, the dust residing in a wild, unknown, uncharted, presumably an illusion of a dimension, and less importantly, aren’t blood-pacts meant to be broken? 


Can the unknown ever be trusted?

How can I trust something that does not even breathe life or if it does it is a completely different state of existence than me?

Does trusting a stupid hole in the sky make me more stupid because I have already trusted something that breathes life like me and that trust has just been ruptured like a tire in a downtown garage and spit into the charcoal? 

If people cannot be trusted, can things, wild fable-like celestial things that you hold onto be trusted?

If something or someone that brings you comfort cannot be trusted then, why hold onto them?

Yes, dear reader, are you with me? Did you finally realize this is not a clickbait but a tirade of my unhealthy trust issues? I know you are wishing the stars that this was the former rather than the latter because it may be too early in the morning for you (also pun intended if you are too sleepy to notice it.)



On some days I lead an army of brain cells to an aggrieved war of insatiable trust issues over stupid holes of the sky made lovingly with wayward chemicals.

Handle with care, people say. I am a klutz, I say. 

And on some days, the dust of the Universe which tastes like raspberries, presumably, mumbles, the verses of the peace treaties of war in whispers as though the tired brain cells will hear their arch nemesis.

“You hold onto me darling cause you are a part of the loneliness of humans, the one  in the loneliness of humans and my sweet, loneliness makes you do crazy things, crazy crazy things that even the jar of the sky cannot contain,” 

It pauses for a dramatic effect before the exit, duh! dear reader, “and that is why the sky has holes.”  


//”Holes in the Sky Jar”// Enigma


 Copyright © 2016-2020 Enigma. All rights reserved.

Picture Credits: Google Images

This piece is dated back to a diary entry I wrote a couple of months ago. It does sound quite cynical and dark but trust me, I am a happy person or am I? Just kidding. I thought this piece was worthy enough to be posted here when I re-read my archive of wayard scribbles.

It has been a long time and it is always a nice feeling to come back on my safe space at WordPress. I hope you are all happy and healthy. Lastly, Happy Pride Month to everyone out there! Let us always uplift each other and to all my LGBTQIA+ community, I am proud of you for being you. I truly hope someday we don’t even require to ask acceptance from the so-called society for being who we are, unapologetically and shamelessly. 


4 thoughts on “Holes in the Sky Jar: Prose Poetry

Add yours

  1. Right of the bat, the sky as a jar poked with holes?
    Excuseee meeee but I freaking love the way you look at and perceive the world!

    The absolutely mind-warping way in which you’ve portrayed the beauty of lights from the stars traveling several light-years to reach us and stop infront of our eyes is oh god so stunning Enigma. ಥ﹏ಥ

    Aha and I definitely didn’t hear these words from you, *lips sealed* hehe. 🤭

    I have no sane words to describe how many times I’ve read that second reason of yours and believe me everytime is like the very first.

    “It cannot cuddle me or hug me tight but it stays. It cannot rock and lull my insomnia to sleep but it stays.” This is the most bittersweet, mature and heartwrenching way to describe the perpetual comfort of the tapestry of those cosmic celestial objects that envelopes us all and no one else but you can describe the blanket of stars in such a bewitching way Enigma.

    “Can the unknown ever be trusted?”
    This happens to be a question I overthink about every day (although I overthink about literally everything but maybe things involving trust more )

    And E, I for one am not wishing that this wasn’t a tirade of your trust issues, because even in my loneliness, this piece brings the comfort of knowing someone else out there is like me,struggling and drowning in the idea of trusting the unknown.

    This piece was a wild ride E, a dark, comforting and warm ride if that’s even possible.

    The fact that it’s a snippet of your diary entry makes it so much more wholesome, because it takes a lot of courage for someone with trust issues or someone who overthink or anyone in general in fact to post such a personal thing on the internet.

    And dear E, I’ve come to reach the conclusion that everything you write is literally always worth posting.
    Always. 😤💜

    You can be dark, cynical AND happy at the same time. Everything comes in waves and I hope no matter what your happiness stays. =)

    Amd yes, HAPPPYYY PRIDEEEE MONTHHHH! ᕙ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)ᕗ

    I couldn’t have said it better than you, let’s all live and let live, let’s all be ourselves no matter what, let’s all accept each other and grow together into a more accepting and welcoming society free from orthodox preconceived toxic notions of ourselves.
    Let’s grow together and be proud of what we are!

    Sending you truckloads of love and purple hearts!
    ~Megha 💜

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Okay, first of all, no matter how many times I reiterate this but I love love the way you view and analyse my pieces, M!

      Also, you love the way I look at the world?? Aah, M! Thank you so much, that is one of the best compliment I have ever received. I am so flattered and you are too kind to shower such compliments. Thank you really for all your lovely comments and analysis on this snippet.

      It is sad knowing that you relate to this piece but it is not surprising because in today’s world the problems of overthinking and trust issues aren’t uncommon, I am glad that you could find comfort and warmth even in this piece that makes me truly happy.

      It is a personal piece and a raw more like a brain barf of my thoughts that’s what diaries are supposed to be I believe so I am glad you loved this piece.

      And yeah “live and let live” is one of the most abused and overrated quotes to use but so underrated in its application so yes M, let’s grow together and be proud of our identity, I could not have said it better. You are amazing for being so conscious and aware of the world and I am glad I am acquainted to you.

      Thank you for all your appreciation, M!

      Enigma 🙂 💜💜💜

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  2. I remember reading this post at work and reflecting over it. It speaks to me with regards to uncertainty with regards to everything really. When you have been let down plenty of times, by people and the like, you grow hesitant to trust anything. Because most things are fleeting. And if they aren’t, time takes them away.

    There are many layers of complexity here. And I don’t think there is one way to look at it but this is the part that spoke to me the most. I loved the line about being a “tsundere” lol that anime terminology. Also, despite the subject matter being relatively grim, I love the hope offered at the end with the sky having holes. Yes Enigma, our end destination as creatives is certainly not here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes this post is certainly brimming with uncertainty and a plethora of trust issues, it is a diary entry of some grim times apparently. I am not into anime to a large extent but I do love the myriad of terminologies this genre of entertainment heralds with. I try to end every piece of mine on a hopeful note because as a writer, my pieces are my voice and they are like the notes to self so I don’t wanna end up in the timelessness of self-loathing lol if I am making any sense.

      Your analysis and reflections are always a delight to read because you really delve into the headspace of the writer and that empathy is a trait for which I really admire you.

      Thank you so much for taking time out to read this piece and to jot down this lovely comment. I hope you are doing well!

      Keep Writing, looking forward to your write-ups as always!
      Stay gold!

      Enigma ❤ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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