Matter and Multiverse: Prose Poetry

This year you saw morgue taking human walk-ins and loneliness getting into a life long committed relationship with humanity. Homes appearing in claustrophobic nightmares and dream-catchers sanitized in alcohol, freeing your past demons because the present time is an infinite while loop of a horror movie. Demons are lurking in empty hallways, past demons seem weaker in comparison.

You feel that time is an infinity that has imprisoned your guts, blood, and muscles into isolation. You liked the earlier days of isolation when you could not read the sky and thought isolation is safety. But now, quarantine has made you literate in the language of the skies and you listen to constellations telling stories about how stars are corpses in reality. You realize that isolation is lovely eyed and dead-touched. You think, isolation is not safety. If no one knows you are alive, are you alive?

Isolation plays a broken cassette of an old tape called overthinking in the labyrinths of your mind and when you listen to it, you think about multiverses.
Somewhere your dreams are a part of reality and that’s why waking up feels like drinking a whiskey of déjà vu in a teacup of longing. Somewhere your nightmares are a reality and that’s why waking up feels like choking on seaweed before you die of drowning.

You try to find comfort in this theory, a Universe that is not one but many as though the butterfly effect traveled through liquefied rainbows into existence-ridden galaxies. A Universe where humanity is kind to Earth and you can finally count all the shades of the sky, where you do not grieve for someone who is still alive. However, comfort does not want to share your apartment lately, you are a messy roommate.

I don’t know much but I do know this that there are fragments within us that are as old as the childbirth of the Universe. You are made of matter and you are nothing but ferrous blood when you bleed, you reek of rust and iron that nurtures the very stars and knot your arteries.

How can you be dead in isolation, when you are your own soulmate, literally, figuratively and metaphorically?
You tried to find comfort when negativity gave you a warm hug and it led to an overwhelming infinity of overthinking so, let self-compassion give you a bear hug instead. Convince yourself that loneliness does not mean toxicity, you don’t have to drink poison just because you cannot quench your thirst, loneliness is not your lifelong partner, your soul is. Your soul is exploding magic like a witch controlling the magician’s cramped hat.

You are not locked inside your head and even if you are, the imprisonment is not infinite, you are not that entitled, unfortunately. So, why don’t you let the soft animal of your body love you the way it has always wished to love you?
Love yourself like you love clothes that are straight out of your dryer smelling of lavender fabric softener, love yourself like you love the days when your teachers are absent, like reading poetry on rustic swings when it rains. Love yourself like you are a safety device of a roller-coaster on Saturn rings. Love yourself like you are a butterfly who is finally aware of how beautiful are its wings. It is about damn time.
Allow yourself to take up breathing space and laugh in isolation with your soul like a ground-breaking earthquake on a Richter Scale. Existence is your birthright, so sometimes try to breathe with every atom of energy left within you. The world is uncertain so stop lying around in the coffin of the undead people you wish were dead because you are still in mourning.

You have mirror images of the Universe inside yourself so, hold onto this Universe close. Hold onto this Universe close instead of wishing that you were born in one where you did not bite into self-hating words and cynical cycles of existentialism. Hold onto your Universe and bring your favorite scented candle in the labyrinths every time it gets dark in there, your soul will guide you and tell you that there is no point of existence and that is the cosmic art of existence.

Time is not infinite, it never was infinite. It is uncertain and uncertainty is what makes this Earth revolved around a gigantic ball of fire without burning. The only thing is that is infinite is you. A part of you will still live forever and forever, your making is a birthday bash of the Universe. You are a part of the multiverse because you are matter and matter can never be created nor be destroyed.

//”Matter and Multiverse”// Enigma

Copyright © 2016-2020 Enigma. All rights reserved.

Picture Credits: Google Images (from the BTS Music Video – DNA)

Inspired by the prompt: Time and its Overwhelming Infinity

I hope all of you are well, safe and healthy. After a cycle of cynicism, I decided to write something more optimistic and this is the result of it. I generally don’t write these footnotes however, today I decided to write it to acknowledge a few people who have always supported this space and showered my writings with compliments and criticism alike. These people are one of the main reasons for my growth as a writer.
Ink Soaked Soul- Megha Bhartiya
Riddhima Penner
Original Dante
All three of these people have been with me since this little space was just a baby and a medium to unleash my angsty self. These people have seen me grow to whatever I am now.

Megha and Riddhima, both of these girls have given me so much more than those soul-nurturing, made my day comments. They have given me love, people to whom I can reach out for literally anything, their replies maybe late at times yet they are one of the most trustworthy, loving, and supportive virtual friends. I never believed that a person you have never even met could mean so much to you but both of them transformed that perception. Their works and writings are something that leaves me in awe every damn time because it is so raw and honest. So, please check out their blogs and shower them with loads of love, panda hugs, and purple hearts because they are amazing. Cheers to this friendship!

I look up to Dante, his creativity, and his scintillating passion. I am amused by his wit and admire his consistency to nurture his passion with such continuity, that is something I only aspire to be as a writer. He is one of those people who make me sigh for I wish to travel the hallways of his mind to see where the magic happens. The themes and messages in his poetry and writings are refreshing, abstract and it is a real treat as a reader. He is an amazing person with gorgeous perceptions towards life and the world. I also am a fan of his audio recordings because I can attach a voice to his ink, perchance. But most importantly, I owe my sincere gratitude to him for being so supportive, for taking so much time out and putting in so much efforts to analyze my pieces. I also would like to apologize for being a lazy ass because I still have not completed our project for collaboration, I truly hope that we complete this achievement together. More power to you, Dante!

There are many more people without whom I would never have the motivation to post on WordPress. I owe my deep gratitude to all of you for enjoying this little space. Thank you so much!

9 thoughts on “Matter and Multiverse: Prose Poetry

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    This year really made us watch reality gradually transition into the dystopia we so often read about in fiction. When the realization hits you that while we hide from diseases, we suffer from yet another one – loneliness, it feels like a weight at your ankles.

    “Homes appearing in claustrophobic nightmares and dream-catchers sanitized in alcohol, freeing your past demons because the present time is an infinite while loop of a horror movie.”
    Who could’ve thought our homes would become elements of our nightmares too? That what catches our nightmares would need to be dipped in alcohol to free it of what makes us paranoid now?

    Present time really has become an infinite while loop of a horror movie. Since you’ve later on talked about multiverse and time of course, I’m itching to mention that it feels to me like I’m stuck in the looping scene of Dr.Strange coming to bargain with Dormammu.

    Time really has become an infinite prison, it has caged not just our bodies but our minds too and you have so gorgeously articulated it. Your penship really is one of a kind E. You use poetic license, metaphors, similes, alliteration, euphemisms and every possible literally device in ways no one could imagine.
    You venture out of the boundaries and push the reader’s imagination to creative spaces they didn’t believe could exist in their own heads.

    “If no one knows you are alive, are you alive?” This is literally so accurate.
    Man is a social creature.
    Without knowledge of our existence, our existence doesn’t exist in mankind’s history.

    And god isolation really has been playing the cassette of overthinking on repeat, volume at a blast in my head for so long.

    “Somewhere your dreams are a part of reality and that’s why waking up feels like drinking a whiskey of déjà vu in a teacup of longing.” One could write countless words about multiverse and their origins and talk about them in poetic detail but I find that this line sums up the idea of multiple universes in such a simple yet elegant way. Somewhere what we dream of, what we imagine, what we believe is unbelievable may all exist the same way we do here and now.

    “A Universe where humanity is kind to Earth and you can finally count all the shades of the sky, where you do not grieve for someone who is still alive.”
    We long for a universe where we would’ve been kinder to the mother that gives birth to us instead of repenting our mistakes. We long and long. We keep needing, keep wanting kindness from nature yet we fail to deliver it back.
    This is how we’ve ended up grieving those who’re still alive.
    This might’ve just been my absolute favourite line of this amazing post, but let’s be honest, every line makes me go hearteyes. ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

    The way you’ve talked to the reader about what we’re all going through in the most relatable way then slowly shifted to making them understand the mistakes and then give them hope – it is breathtaking.
    (Because I really did feel a knot in my throat by the time I’d finished reading this I’m being very serious 👉🏻👈🏻)

    I really do need to get a bear-hug from self compassion ah.
    “You are not locked inside your head and even if you are, the imprisonment is not infinite”
    It is sad that we feel imprisoned in our heads right now when in reality we live in our heads all our lives – it is our true home.
    So, it is not just the physical brick walls and a roof on top that we call home and yet has become a nightmare to us, it is even our head and the way you’ve tied those two together is mind-boggling.

    ALL YOUR EXAMPLES OF LOVING OURSELVES ARE SO CREATIVE. I really love this one, “Love yourself like you are a safety device of a roller-coaster on Saturn rings”

    Ah yes, we can all dream and long for parallel universes, but we must all hold on to the one we’re born in.

    “You are a part of the multiverse because you are matter and matter can never be created nor be destroyed.” I feel like this is the most cosmic, creative, reassuring ending to a very healing prose. I really love the scientific tie-in of us being matter.

    This was such a heartwarming surprise E. If this beautiful space is your baby that you’ve grown with then I really wanna be the godmother (hehehehe okay I’ll stop I’m not funny woops). Your blog is a free space for you to express and to me it is a healing home. I return to it often and read your words because they make me ponder, they make me smile, they overwhelm me with thoughts, they leave me speechless and most of all they heal me. They heal my loneliness.

    And sameeeee. I never thought I’d be able to make virtual friends that I’d trust and look up to so much but you and Riddhima have changed that. I apologise for my sorry ass always being late to reply, I’m working on it hehe. Over the years you two have become friends I always worry about, think about, reach out to and wish happy wishes for. I never knew I deserved the kind of support and love you two give me but man you two DESERVE ALL THE APPRECIATION AND LOVE.
    *Throws purple hearts at you two aggressively*

    It might sound unreal but I’m genuinely so honoured to know I could play a small role in helping a writer improve, and the fact that the writer is YOU, someone I personally look up to as a writer, it’s insane.

    Typing comments for your posts makes my lazy ass write more than I probably do in a day haha.

    I will stay with your safe space of expression and with you until the end.
    So please keep writing, keep smiling and stay happy and healthy E!
    Sending you loads of love, happiness and purple hearts!
    *Gives you the biggest, warmest virtual panda hug*
    ~Megha 💜

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey there, first off let me start by reminiscing DNA, tae’s silver locks and kook’s whistles and yes, I featured that image for a reason, a reason that makes me BTS trash, lmao.

      This year is a sci-fi dystopia novel that has become a reality, truly. It is truly heart-wrenching that our homes that are our sanctuaries and safe spaces are becoming claustrophobic but it is the true reality, unfortunately.

      OKAY, that scene in Dr. Strange is one of my favorite scenes and even I thought about it before writing this cause it explains the infinite loop so well.

      Oh M, really thank you so damn much for appreciating my penship and always showering me with comments and analysis. Isolation has truly lead us to be wrapped inside our own heads and I hope we all find the Universes within ourselves to get out of that mess in our heads.

      Damn, this comment has made me teary-eyed and yeah, this space is my baby and you and R both are godmothers like those from Cinderella, making this place magical by showering it with such beautiful comments. It makes me so sappy that you think of this blog has a healing home, M, STOB IT, IM CRYING!

      Your favourite lines make me go heart-eyes cause the way you interpret the stuff I write is validating but moreover, it is so refreshing to hear your thoughts.

      I hope our friendship continues and again, no matter how many times I reiterate this, it still feels less, thank you so much for your support and your well-wishes. This little space would not become what it is without your constant support and encouragement.

      Loads of love and purple hearts,
      *returning the biggest, warmest virtual panda hug*

      Enigma 💜💜💜

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      1. We’re all BTS trash girl don’t you worry and that Dr.Strange scene is one of ny favs too!
        Yes we’ll be the godmothers yayy and please don’t cry 🥺.
        *hands over a purple handkerchief to you*

        I hope our friendship continues too!

        Keep writing, smiling and staying healthy.
        =) 💜

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  2. I love your writing style. It’s raw and unique. You have changed my perception somehow, as first I thought that time is infinite. But later as you said that we are infinite, it makes sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Shayra! It is always lovely to have you here on my little place and I am really grateful for your constant support and kind compliments. It truly is just a matter of perception, but I am delighted that I could show you a different side to it as well.

      Stay safe and healthy!
      Enigma 🙂 ❤


  3. I was very much touched by this Enigma. Warms my heart to know a writer I admire views me in that way. 💚

    This prose piece is packed with meaning, harkens back to that other piece you wrote about a soul speaking to its holder. Only you could explore such complex concepts and make it easy to digest through a plethora of visuals.

    I’m looking to give it another read, there is more I am yet to mention in a follow-up comment. I love reading your work.

    Keep writing! 💚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Dante! First of all, I would like to once again thank you for your unwavering support and kind words of encouragement, without them, this blog won’t be what it is. It has been 4 years since I began this blog and wow, time surely flies but I am really grateful I met a person and a poet as great as you.

      Coming towards this piece, it does serve a connection with a concept of the piece you mentioned and although sometimes I feel I go overboard with visuals and dramaticisation but I am glad you feel that it makes gauging concepts easy.

      Oh do take your time, I would love to hear what you think as always.

      Stay happy and healthy!
      Keep Writing!

      Enigma 🙂 💚


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