Bulky Bags and Heavy Hearts: Listicle

1. I am a part of an education system where my love for language and learning is surpassed by a rat race choked with competition and pressure.

2. Is it even about learning anymore?  Is it not just about passing? Passing till you top the most gruesome entrance exams in the world, passing till you reach the top university of the country, passing till you secure that white-collar job in that multi-million dollar company, passing till you have a mental breakdown and cannot cope up with the failure and then, failing. Failing until your brain is in a rattrap of suicidal thoughts. 

3. Why the hell are people not scared, not choking with fear to even envision that society forces the students to believe that how well you do in your teenage years will determine your whole life?

4. Students in schools are all heavy hearts, bulky bags, open textbooks and closed minds.

5. They are not allowed to write what they think if it is against the ideologies of a textbook written by a person who is not a feminist, a queerphobe and does not know the difference between equality and equity. And people say school is the home for learning?

6. But nobody cares about it, right? Nobody cares about acceptance or even the reason why we need to ask acceptance. Nobody cares about respecting the identities of others, their ideologies, their mad-hatter crazy imaginations, and the magical portal through which they view this world.  

Nobody cares about how you treat other humans. Heck, nobody cares about how education is about being a good human. 

Nobody cares because numbers matter. Numbers matter. Numbers matter more than your lives, from test papers to weighing machines. We step around the kids having panic attacks in hallways. We become the kids having panic attacks in hallways. Our parents see the straight A’s on report cards and not the purple moons stamped under both our eyes after countless all-nighters. 

7. We slaughter our creativity to revise quadratic formulas and covalent bonds. We know the Pythagorean Theorem by heart, but short-circuit when asked, “How are you?” We don’t know. We don’t know because that wasn’t on the study guide. We usually know the answer, but rarely know ourselves because nobody cares.

Nobody cares if you’ve been crying all night as long as you get the chemical reactions right. Nobody cares if you’ve been lying in bed all day long your body frozen as long as you know Newton’s Laws of Motion. Nobody ever talks about the aching in your heart as long as you’re thorough with its anatomy and the fact that it has four chambers.

8. Don’t tell me schools are the home for learning. They are not and people are surprised why children are homesick for a place that does not exist. The next time they ask you, “why do you hate schools?” 

9. Because we need light hearts, free shoulders, closed textbooks and open minds. Because we need healthy and happy children who believe that the home for learning is a place where they can proudly say that their identity matters.

Because we need people who care, care about their ideas and imaginations and physical, mental, and emotional health and not just about numbers.

10. Education is not numbers, it was never numbers.

Education is just a guide where we all learn how to be the bits and pieces of pixie dust left in this tattered world.

Education is just a guide that whispers within my soul, “Be a good human, darling because humanity is in ruins. Be a good human because you care.” 

And suddenly I am home. 

//” Bulky Bags and Heavy Hearts”// Enigma

Copyright © 2016-2021 Enigma. All rights reserved.

Picture Credits: Enigma (Inktober 2020 Art Day 3 Bulky)

Art Inspiration: I met a bird today. It sewed my hemorrhaging heart and told me, “Education is not heavy hearts and bulky bags, it is the tranquility of freedom. It is about how to be a good human being in a world where you post your hearts in bulk mails to a system. A system that folds the origami of your soul and boxes your identity into numbers. “

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