Storm Hearts: Prose Poetry

Do you ever see fire smoldering in the eyes of people, burning like a pendulum of insecurities and silenced passions? Their pupils dilate and enlarge as if they are controlled by the marionette of society experienced in pyrokinesis. Their eyes are volcanos coerced to become pet candles. Vertigo on a leash, a tsunami in an aquarium.

Do you ever hear them say, “okay so” and unbox their priceless passions in words at 2.5 x speed? It reminds me of grandmas opening their precious box of spices , and empty beaches before tidal waves. Excuse me for interrupting you but the way you unleash your dreams makes the Earth burn and turn on its axis.

Then, they stop and mumble a sorry and display a sheepish grin for getting lost in the wonderland of their ambitions, the flames start dying. Their hands are paper cups and dreams leak out of the bottom, injected with drips that make them caged puppets of society. They watch opportunities knock on their window and wave them as they go by. Birds born in cages think flying is an illness even if their entire body is itching to flap the unfamiliar wings. They are devils forced to transform into saints.

Sometimes it feels like pouring your fragments into a kaleidoscopic blackhole, as if you are being stripped away from your passions and the universe has told you to keep a finger on your lips. How do you forgive yourself for the things you didn’t become? How do you continuously refill yourself when society wants to empty you every time?

One day, they will break down and it will feel like falling out of a plane because when everything is already lost, there is nothing to lose. The candles will erupt into a cannibal volcano, the tsunami will drown the puppet strings because their passions are positive ions charging the lightening of their hearts.

They will become the chaos you yearn to thrive in. You will finally realize why the sky screams and why well-fed devils are better than famished saints.

//”Storm Hearts”// Enigma

Copyright Β© 2016-2021 Enigma. All rights reserved.

Picture Credits: Enigma (Inktober 2020 Art Day 17 Storm)

5 thoughts on “Storm Hearts: Prose Poetry

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  1. I contain my comments on insta but here I can unleash and write a whole essay so be ready.

    First of all, I’M SO HAPPY YOU’RE BACK ON WP! WordPress was missing your lovely words and your talented artistry.

    And I remember this piece vividly, yet as I read it again I find even more things to love about it than I did before. The whole underlying motif of suppressed dreams and ambitions is absolutely gorgeously portrayed. No one can use metaphors as brilliantly as you do.

    Right from volcano eyes being coerced to be pet candles and tsunamis in aquariums, I was hooked. Like HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS??!?

    And I might’ve mentioned this earlier too but I love this line, “Excuse me for interrupting you but the way you unleash your dreams makes the Earth burn and turn on its axis”.

    “Their hands are paper cups and dreams leak out of the bottom” and the truth about a bird born in a cage, ISTG your words could make Namjoon’s lyricism swoon because wow.

    I really do want to know though, how does one forgive themselves for the things they couldn’t become? I might know the answer to this with experience, for now I can only ruminate on it.
    The imagery of well-fed devils and famished saints was the best possible way to end this E.

    You can tackle such deep subjects in such an eloquent and artistic way, it’s breathtaking to say the least.
    Like always I’m in awe, and in love.

    PS. I missed you πŸ₯ΊπŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. EYEEEE—

      Firstly, YOU COMPARED MY WRITING TO NAMJOON’s lyricism? WHAT NOW? I am so flattered but that’s a long journey to go definitely.

      It’s so happy to be back. This is one of my favourite pieces I wrote because it reminds me of people in my life who brim with passion and one of them is definitely you. So, you accentuate all those metaphors, M!

      It is a hard question to answer because forgiveness for your passions is something you have to do it so you can heal.

      Thank you so so so so much for giving this a read and for making my heart swoon with your lovely compliments. (I am never getting over the Namjoon compliment)

      I missed you too πŸ₯ΊπŸ’œ


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