Skip the Small Talk: Prose Poetry

You don’t hear the magical murmurings of the ocean until you leave the shore. So, when you’re with her, skip the small talk

Tell her what the word ‘home’ means to you. Is it your mother’s lap that smells of apples and cinnamon. Is it somewhere amidst the mountain pines where Orion, the Hunter shimmers with pride? Continue reading “Skip the Small Talk: Prose Poetry”

Alive: Prose Poetry


She sits there amidst the group of girls ranting and daydreaming about their future love life. She gazes at them as they get excited over the person who will want them. Their soulmate. Their ‘perfect’ partner, their ‘perfect’ life.

She mentally sighs and let her mind wander. She thinks, “There’s so much more life than finding someone who wants you or being sad over someone who doesn’t.”

Continue reading “Alive: Prose Poetry”

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