Unsaved Heroes: A Poem

Unsaved Heroes

Every morning, awoken by the silent screams of her soul,

Like the convulsing tides of the misty ocean reaching on the shore.

Carbon soaked nightmares found tangled in her dreamcatcher,

Heart intoxicated with the fatal poisons of broken matters.

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Daughters of History: A Poem

Daughters of History

They said,

History is overcrowded with women who were harmonies,

Cadencing with the delicacy of vulnerable melodies.

Your ancestors were crystal chandeliers and exquisite geodes,

Fragility dribbling from edges and nodes.


She camouflaged under the spiral of books,

Caging the brutality and inequality in the lines of a notebook.

She told, girls possess the cells of storm and bravery,

Undefined valour, immeasurable kindness was their geometry.

(Anne Frank)

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